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A workout class for your child's brain
Build Concentration
Self Confidence
and numerical fluency
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Improving visual processing speed can result in faster calculation and reading speed. This also helps increase student's ability to capture more information at once.


Classroom activities pushes students to improve on their ability to retain auditory information.


Manipulating the abacus beads and solving problems with a unique hands-on method will engage the right side of the brain, which processes visuo-spatial information.

The Abakidz Experience

It’s more than a math class. It’s a safe space where children are encourage to try something new, do something bold, and take their current skills to the next level.

The Class we integrate iPad apps, live streaming with Master Lee, and memory games to enhance the Abakidz experience.

Coaches, not teachers. Our instructors are here to help guide our children in their growth. Yes, we teach them new skills; but the magic is in helping a child own their new skill.

Mathematics school Closter, NJ

Abakidz is essentially a gym class for your child's brain. It builds concentration, increases self-confidence and their numerical fluency. We begin with the mind and help kids succeed in mathematical situations inside and outside of the classroom. Our teacher, Master Lee, is a world champion in addition, multiplication, and flash mental math. As the world's only 11th-degree abacus master, she's helped students learn simple and powerful systems of math.

Our Learning Program Provides

Math Tutoring · Abacus · Mental Math Training

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Helping Children Use Their Brains

Whether you have a 5-year-old or a 10-year-old, the benefits of our program are limitless. We teach abacus — a simple calculation tool — which helps students become more analytical and creative. This method of calculation uses both the left and right sides of the brain to help students make more accurate mental math calculations. As we teach it, we provide students with auditory, visual, and tactile examples.

To do this effectively, students get hands-on access to iPad apps, live streams with Master Lee, and memory games. Our professionals are coaches, not teachers! They're here to guild children as they grow. Sure, we can teach new skills; but the magic lies in the child owning their new skills.

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